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The Rock of Brentor…

Originally posted on Stuart France:
* ‘…A church, full bleak, and weather beaten, all alone, as it were forsaken…’ * “St Michael de Rupe?” “St Michael the Rock.” “I thought St Peter was supposed to be the ‘Rock’?” * * “The rock referred to here, is volcanic.” “Nice.” * * “Though you would never know it now…” * * “…The church-tower can still serve…

From Light into Darkness

Originally posted on Strange Goings On In The Shed:
Beach at Llanddulas, North Wales, Jan Malique The sunset on this evening triggered memories of attendance at my very first Silent Eye School workshop in 2015. It was entitled River of the Sun and set in ancient Egypt in a time leading up to the ascendance of Ramses II. Interwoven in this drama are traces…


Originally posted on Stuart France:
* If Giants… * * Could construct… * * Balance-Stones… * * They would look a little like this… * * And for those still in need of perspective… * * ‘TAKE A LOOK AT THESE HANDS’… If these stone structures are produced by ‘nature’s hand’, it may be salutory to consider ‘modern man’s hand’ in contrast, which has,…

The Giant and the Sun – The ramparts of Camelot

Sue puts some more detail on the Cadbury Hill experience.

Castles of the Mind (1)

Like the best of ideas, it begins with a partly-seen ghost, the glimmer of an edge of something that will work…. Ideas are great, but, unless something is practical and consistent on the day, its value is limited to fuelling a ‘greater’ idea that will be. And then the right idea expands, filling out, not linearly, but with emotions that billow like a spinnaker on … Read More Castles of the Mind (1)

The kiss of summer

Against the heat, I have to climb To drink the air so soft and fine That my sore feet and too hot dog Seek, daily in these fleeting months For she who hides the winter in the wine ___ In heady breaths of fragrant fire My lungs draw deep the hotter bliss Now fading like the summer’s arc Will shortly start to downward curve … Read More The kiss of summer

A thousand miles of history II – The Templar Head

From Sue: A deep and thoughtful introduction to Knights Templar spiritual thought….

Priest of the Sun II…

An extract from one of the readings during the Dorset weekend, created by Stuart and Sue.

Patterned in Dorset (4)

He did not know how many were up there… Centurion Calogerus stared at the edge of the plateau above him. The vast hill-fort rose from the chalk lands below in what appeared to be a series of grassy layers. There were no walls that he could see. This would be quick… As the dawning sun of the year’s longest day crested the edge of … Read More Patterned in Dorset (4)

Magical Elements: Unfurling…

From Stuart…

Patterned in Dorset (3)

It is said that a chapel dedicated to St Catherine once stood on this hill, looking down at the little town of Cerne Abbas, below. The original St Catherine was a pre-Christian figure about whom very little is known. She was associated with the symbol of an eight-armed wheel – the famous ‘Catherine wheel’, remembered now in the name of a firework…. Those visiting … Read More Patterned in Dorset (3)

Patterned in Dorset (2)

The lovely little town of Cerne Abbas holds a secret that is easily missed. The idyllic streets, some with intact architecture from hundreds of years ago, are a delight. Although well-visited, it feels relaxed. The local people are friendly – something we have found throughout this gentle county of Dorset, filled with villages nestling into green and flowing hillsides. It’s the morning of day … Read More Patterned in Dorset (2)

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