Month: May 2018

Jewels in the Claw (vi)

Continued from Part Five. Sipping the tea, his hands clasp around the warm cup. The gesture reminds him of the way she took her husband’s arm, at the end of that first glimpse of what The Queen had in store for him. She, John Dee’s wife, Jane, never entertained the notion that she would not stand, shoulder to shoulder, with her foolish but magnificent husband … Read More Jewels in the Claw (vi)

Around the Sun

‘Around the Sun’, my mighty oak returns Resplendent, emerging green Exquisite tones of life reveal What words cannot That life overwhelms The darkness ©Stephen Tanham

Kniveton – The little church that smiled

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
On my last trip north, I took a different route, and that is always an adventure. With never enough time to take side-trips and explore, I can never resist when something just drops in my path, so when, after three hours driving, a village that announced itself as a Saxon settlement offered me a church and…

A life on the scales

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
My son has a sick fish in his pond over which we are both worrying. The trouble with pond fish is that they have many places to hide if they are unwell, and you only usually see them from above, so unless there is an obvious and visible problem, they can quickly deteriorate. There is not…

Rock ‘n’ Roll…

From Stuart… let those with ears….

Jewels in the Claw (v)

Continued from Part Four. Kind hands pass him a hot tea. He sits on the edge of what was the Royal Court, sipping and watching the ghosts… Many kind faces came to life in this, now-unstructured space – but it was heavily structured then… It takes but little effort to re-animate its dancing atoms… Sir Francis Drake is a clever man. The naval mastermind … Read More Jewels in the Claw (v)

An Orcadian Diary (2) Before History

Continued from Part One And now we should go back to an older time – a much older time – to flesh out the story of the islands of Orkney, north-east of the Scottish mainland. The man in the picture is Gordon Childe. It’s 1927. He’s the newly-appointed Abercrombie Professor of Prehistoric Archeology at the University of Edinburgh. The photo shows him emerging from … Read More An Orcadian Diary (2) Before History

The Anunnaki III…

Stuart builds the key ‘images’ for the Spring Workshop next year: ‘Lord of the Deep’

How we nearly got to the 2018 Bloggers Bash

On Saturday, 19th May, I left Kendal in Cumbria, and nearly got to the Blogger’s Bash in London…. Barbara, one of our Silent Eye colleagues, had stayed overnight with us so that we could catch an early-ish train. Bernie drove us to catch the 08:30 departure to London from our local Oxenholme, Lake District station. The day was perfect – with hot sun and … Read More How we nearly got to the 2018 Bloggers Bash

Jewels in the Claw (iv)

Continued from Part Three. The line of packing cases is nearly complete. The man looks down at the three chairs in the East, one white, one purple and one red. The symbolism of the outer two was plain: the Tudor colours, central features of the royal Tudor Rose – the white of House York merged with the red of House Lancaster. Queen Elizabeth had … Read More Jewels in the Claw (iv)

Bearding the lion…

Sue on the year ahead…

Robotic carers? What next? #carersweek

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
“Robots to look after elderly in care homes…” That was the only bit of the headline that I saw as I dived out of the shop this morning on my way to work. As a carer. Granted, the implication was that this was a futuristic premise… a possibility yet to manifest… but even so, I was,…

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