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Jewels in the Claw (ii)

Continued from Part One He stops in the act of dismantling – the raven directly in line with his left eye. Reluctantly, he climbs onto the chair to unhook the left panel of rubberised black fabric that contains the bird’s image. Then, smiling, he remembers the last minute decision to add the raven panels… such an important part of the Queen’s journey. Somehow, it … Read More Jewels in the Claw (ii)


Seeds of Change

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‘Dr Dee’, ‘Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I’, ‘Sir Walter Raleigh’ and ‘Master Shakespeare’ Time does strange things. It is just a week since our workshop and already it feels as if it is receding into the mists, and yet, it is also as clear and sharp as if we were about to enter the temple space for another…

Taxi from Hope: A Journey into the Heart of the “Jewel in the Claw”

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The Scene is Set My journey from North Wales ended at a station called Hope in Derbyshire. How apt! This priest to be (me) was responding to an invitation to participate in a drama within a drama, Great Hucklow being the destination for this year’s Silent Eye workshop, entitled “The Jewel in the Claw.” The…

The Hieroglyphic Monad of John Dee – by The Patrician Lady

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The Hieroglyphic Monad of John Dee  By The Patrician Lady A talk given to The Silent Eye’s ‘Jewel in the Claw’ workshop on 21st April 2018 In my talk today I’m going to tell you a little about Dr. John Dee, one of the characters you have met in the drama, and something of his famous symbol the…


Shades of the Golden Age…

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As a child, I loved the old movies of the swashbuckling variety. Even then, I knew the stories were not real and the history likely to be wildly innaccurate. Romance and adventure did not wait behind every tree. Magic, though, had its own reality. With a family who told me a closer-to-true version of the histories portrayed on…

Jewels in the Claw (i)

  There is a moment when he stops, puts down his packing box, and looks at what remains of the Court Floor. It is the last vestige of a creative journey of twelve months, of twenty souls intent on giving their all to the rather unusual script, and of a Silent Eye spring weekend at the Nightingale Centre in the lovely Derbyshire hills… Do … Read More Jewels in the Claw (i)

Lady in Red

Ali gives her searing and soul-honest review of her character, Countess Libido, is last weekend’s Silent Eye workshop ‘The Jewel in the Claw’.

Looking in the Looking Glass

The alchemy of joy

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By the time this goes out, another workshop will be over and our Companions will have dispersed for another year. Inevitably, every time we go back to Great Hucklow, we think of that very first workshop… and for me, that meant laughter… ? “What have you done with my mother?” The laughing sally greeted our arrival and my…

Shakespeare A-Go-Go…

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* ‘A change is as good as a rest’. Proverbial wisdom or reckless folly? For five years the Silent Eye Team has explored the spiritual legacy of the ages via a nine-fold map and our beloved Enneagram Mat… This year, for our sixth Spring Gathering, things were going to be different. Gone was the mat. Our comfort and…

The Ghost Ship

The Ghost Ship —- They come from land and some by wave To travel brave and not unnerved Across a globe described by one Who sees in numbers straight and curved —- That one, disgraced, must face a queen Must eat her wrath and test its moment And through eyes of tender wife Must glimpse his soul and seek atonement —- Far more than … Read More The Ghost Ship

Formulas of Virtue…

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