I am not The Angel of the North.

I am not the cross on which.

The teacher of the power of love died.

I am the way that divides.

The awakened from the sleeping.

I am old, but younger.

Than you….

© Stephen Tanham

In response to Sue Vincent’s challenge:


16 Comments on “Angel of the Nought #writephoto

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      • I am just amazed that three people who on the surface appear to be ordinary people living ordinary lives (well, perhaps a lot more than ordinary, but I think you probably understand what I am trying to say) are so truly incredible and full of such depth of knowledge and great wisdom. I am so happy that I encountered The Silent Eye. It is quite honestly the best course of study I have ever encountered anywhere, and I have done a lot of studies in my lifetime. I want to thank the three of you once again for everything. My life was good before, but it has come to have a whole new level of meaning. Thank you all kindly.

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        • You bring such enthusiasm, Anne. It’s lovely. As to your opening comment, the amazing thing is not the three of us – who are, indeed, just ordinary people – but lots of other ordinary people who don’t realise how special they are…nor where the light in their lives shines from 😎

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          • Never a truer word spoken, Steve. There are so many people in this world who are sacred – all of us are really, as all of the creatures are and the plants, and all of the grains of sand. And yes, it is becoming clear to me that all of us have that special light that is part of being in the One. I truly believe that too. It is magical, and there IS magic in this world. Thank you very kindly. It is greatly appreciated.

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