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Keys to the House of Don: Heart…

Deep stuff from Stuart…

To have and to hold

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
From behind the curtain I am watching the birds in the garden. I am waiting for the hawthorns to grow tall and become a haven for feathered things. They are, for the moment, little more than bushes, but even so, every morning, sparrows and blackbirds, bluetits and doves visit my little patch. Ravens and jackdaws fly in most…

#FurryFives – Squadron

Nose a bit forward, rear gunner! – Like this? Roger! – Tess, what are we doing? Formation sleeping of course! ©Stephen Tanham

#Bright Light #SueVincent #WritePhoto

Originally posted on The Light Behind the Story:
Photo Credit: Sue Vincent Blue Beyond Take me through The well of the throat So that I might drink full The waters of life. Replenish light Bright. Oh, so bright. The brilliance of A supernova exploding the universe inside Of me. To know love again, beyond the Depths of pain. To know the fingers Of joy’s…

The What of Life (2)

  I want to like you, she thought, loudly. Please don’t spoil it by picking on science in a stupid, fluffy way… but don’t stop challenging, either… find the villains… She listened, intently, as he talked about the need to ‘see’ it all differently – Life, biological life, not separated from spirituality, but part of a bigger whole that encompassed them both… “There is … Read More The What of Life (2)

On the doorstep…

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
Have you ever laid in the dew damp grass of morning and watched the petals of a daisy unfold, purest white, lifting its heart to the sun? Or seen a newborn creature take its first breath, opening its eyes on a new world? That was the gift I was given as a young man and I sat on…

The Faces of Shiva (3) The Colour of Kin

We began this series by looking at how, at certain times in the life of civilisations, a ‘perfect storm’ of events overtakes and paralyses the forces of commonly perceived ‘good’ and cohesion; a state established over a long period of time. We can consider that, in the case of America and the UK, this former consensus is in decline, and the shift of extreme … Read More The Faces of Shiva (3) The Colour of Kin

#FurryFives Eeurgh!

– C’mon little fella, you can make it… – That pond’s not far! – Just three more hops… one, two– – Eeurgh! I can’t look – I hate herons… ©Stephen Tanham

The What of Life (1)

She was sitting in the front row – the car, for the first time in its life, had failed to start, and she set off late, as though projecting her future to this point – the front row of a group of about twenty people, a collective warmth -she had to admit – within which she was a complete stranger. They had sounded interesting. … Read More The What of Life (1)

The Faces of Shiva (2) Twisting Democracy

  The ‘perfect storm’ is a phrase that has entered our common vocabulary; that coming together of events to create a maelstrom of change and, often, terror – the terrorist attack of ‘9/11’ was a vivid example. These events change our world. We need a new word that describes the way we can look back at catastrophes and dissect them with great insight, yet … Read More The Faces of Shiva (2) Twisting Democracy

Verily, Verily…

From Stuart…

Inside the church at Penn II

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
Continuing my visit to Penn, to keep my promise to Noelle Granger. The second part can be found here: There is so much to notice in the church at Penn… far too much to take in at a single visit. Even the grave markers and monuments each have a story to tell and, while I seldom…

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