Day: March 31, 2019

Keys to the House of Don: Heart…

Originally posted on Stuart France:
* …’Wen is still worried about the insanity of it all… but fairy stories only appear insane to us now because we have become so separated from truth… As children we accepted their subconscious logic intuitively. It both satisfied our sense of justice in the developing weirdness of the world around us and reassured us that all would eventually…

To have and to hold

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
From behind the curtain I am watching the birds in the garden. I am waiting for the hawthorns to grow tall and become a haven for feathered things. They are, for the moment, little more than bushes, but even so, every morning, sparrows and blackbirds, bluetits and doves visit my little patch. Ravens and jackdaws fly in most…

#FurryFives – Squadron

Nose a bit forward, rear gunner! – Like this? Roger! – Tess, what are we doing? Formation sleeping of course! ©Stephen Tanham

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