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But Fun…

I’ve been following Di over at Pensitivity101 for many years, now. Like the rest of us, she’s had her ups and downs, but always weathers them and comes out cheerful and positive. She’s got a great sense of humour. She hosts ‘Fibbing Friday’. This week, she offers us the chance to spend a few minutes lying, as amusingly as possible, about the authors of … Read More But Fun…

When the Picture is the Blog

They are a part of living in the country. They’re a lot faster than they used to be, and there are a lot of them… And when you’re stuck behind one, on a narrow Cumbrian lane, there’s little you can do but wait. Often, you find yourself thinking ‘I’m late… could anything be worse than this?’ Plenty… as we found the other day when … Read More When the Picture is the Blog

The croissant and me

It’s one of those love-hate things… Apart from a bacon sandwich – crispy, of course – it’s my favourite breakfast… assuming Manx kippers aren’t on the menu… The humble French croissant, bought frozen from M&S, baked for twenty minutes in the oven then served alongside a fresh latté made in our Nespresso machine. We’re ‘dunkers’ my wife and I. The croissant reaches new heights … Read More The croissant and me

The Old Men of Hoy

I remember the ferry poster. May 2018 and we were on our way to Orkney for the first time. Four of us had travelled by ScotRail up from Glasgow to Thurso, a few miles west of John O’ Groats, the most northerly point on the British mainland. From Thurso, we were booked onto the evening ferry to Orkney, landing in Stromness around ninety minutes … Read More The Old Men of Hoy

Backwards into a Loch

The sinister man in the white overall was tall and very athletic. He’d just talked me through what was going to happen next – punctuated by rapid movements of his blue gloved hands. I was still shocked and not sure I’d heard correctly, so in the photo I’m watching carefully as he explains things to the car ‘in front’. My one salvation was that … Read More Backwards into a Loch

Nomadics of John O’ Groats

I thought it might be interesting to take some of the less relevant episodes – the ‘out-takes’ – from the just-completed Scottish workshop (and subsequent journey to Orkney) and run them on Sun in Gemini, in reverse time-sequence. The Thursday blogs, here and on the Silent Eye, will continue with the linear sequence of the Scottish and Orkney explorations. That way the odd bits … Read More Nomadics of John O’ Groats

Horizontal in Dubai

  I’m not known for toilet humour. I’m sure it has its place, but, usually, not in my blogs. One of the undoubted reasons for this is that, when on long journeys, my wife and I are, as we describe it, somewhat ‘anally’ fixated when it comes to planning our day vis-a-vis toilet visits. We’re not talking trivial liquids, here; we’re talking the expulsion … Read More Horizontal in Dubai

Inky Black

Inky Black Beneath the vibrant greens A ghostly figure forms Half-seen Whose Inky blackness draws A face from long-forgotten dreams ©Copyright Stephen Tanham words and image 2015

Microfibre and tractor beams – a tale from the shrinking settee

Serafina is sitting in the formal chair, I’m lazing on the old leather settee, which fits nicely under the angled overhang unavoidably created when the architect cunningly crafted the upper floor on to our former Lakeland bungalow. “Why irony?” she says. “Irony?” – I’m playing hard to get. As my portable shrink, she’s used to such tactics. “On the top of your personal WordPress … Read More Microfibre and tractor beams – a tale from the shrinking settee

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