Month: May 2019

Five Faces of the Macbeth Human

Exploring the faces of the ‘human condition’ should be consuming our world at the moment. We might reasonably conclude that understanding the heights and depths of our shared experience, as we drain the planet of its living life, would be of interest to us. But we don’t… Instead, if we ask any questions at all, we spend months looking at things from a political … Read More Five Faces of the Macbeth Human

Small change…

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
I had been called to my younger son’s home on a matter of vital importance… almost a mission of mercy; I had to teach him the innermost secrets of baking my lemon meringue pie. It had been too long since he’d had one and he could wait no longer. Making one for him would have been…

An idea whose time has come

An idea: invisibly potent A watery creek A new and gentle breeze of ripeness Felt by few A red propeller spinning in the soil? A sail – unfurled and flapping Held fast with thin steel ropes which ‘clack’, dull metal, at its imprisonment … Whose time: like the now-revealed spinning toy Whirring in the wind Unwraps, revealing shining teeth Rotating gear, synchro-meshed Engages, beneath … Read More An idea whose time has come


C: It’s a bug… D: It’s a ladybird. Leave it alone. C: One more inch and… D: It will taste horrible! And I’ll… C: One, two… spoilsport! ©Stephen Tanham


Originally posted on Stuart France:
* …Bearer of Time Gnomon of Eternity You must have seen a thing or two During your torturous sojourn… How best can we understand our predicament?” * “As Death is the Lord of life… Life must be the Lord of death.” *

What’s the point of blogging?

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
Blogging is a commitment… it takes time, energy and work to produce a respectable blog. What starts as a free site often begins to cost money and, every so often, you will wonder whether or not the returns are worth the effort. A lot depends upon what you want from blogging. It may simply be a…

The Bedouin

It is said we learn most from those we would wish to emulate. Not copy, perhaps, but take from them an essence of thought, of action. If we are younger, of style, even… There must have been a thousand people in the room. The university hall was full. When he stood up to speak, his movements were relaxed. His body language gentle, open. What … Read More The Bedouin

Afternoon in Scorpio

Half grasped, leaving like silk, much less remembered

Where Beauty Sleeps ~ The Silent Eye Annual Workshop 2020

From Sue: advance notice of next Spring’s Silent Eye Workshop…


Full Moon in Scorpio ~ The Spiral of Life

Originally posted on Good Witches Homestead:
We enter a Full Moon in Scorpio this evening at 5:11 pm PST (2:11 pm EST). I am always one to fall deep into the preparation for a Scorpio Moon and find that it is a few days before this particular Moon that I can truly find what I need to release. Scorpio is a sign that delves deep into…

#FurryFives – Foot stool

Thats my footstool! – You weren’t using it! I’m about to… – I’m about to… keep it… If you weren’t so beautiful… ©Stephen Tanham

Trading the high price of hedonism for hope

Originally posted on The Light Behind the Story:
Since my recent visit to Italy, I have been thinking about the trap of hedonism. From a yogic perspective, hedonism is a concentration of energy in the sacral and solar plexus chakras, or areas of the body. Here is where individual lust, when it is allowed to, takes over the bloom of ever-lasting life. The mind-body…

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