Full Moon in Scorpio ~ The Spiral of Life

A beautiful blog from Good Witches Homestead’ and a lovely exercise for all this Spring energy that is about…

Good Witches Homestead

We enter a Full Moon in Scorpio this evening at 5:11 pm PST (2:11 pm EST). I am always one to fall deep into the preparation for a Scorpio Moon and find that it is a few days before this particular Moon that I can truly find what I need to release. Scorpio is a sign that delves deep into the emotional waters and this Moon is full of feminine energy as Pat Liles writes:

Our Scorpio Full Moon is heavy with feminine energy in the earth and water elements.  Let the penetrating, sensual wisdom energy of this moon-gift transform, regenerate and heal every part of your life and when satiated, radiate it out for the whole world to benefit.  Come together with your circle of intimates and partake of the rich feminine influences and walk in nature to ground and receive the blessings of the invisible world. 

I have been…

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              1. LOW LIGHTS, fabulous hair-colorist and tons of make-up. I am also heavy and that makes the face look younger! Genetics helps my father 99 and mother 93 look pretty good too! Thank you, compliments are ALWAYS welcome. Doing a fabulous journey in Europe to celebrate my 6 decades.

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