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#FurryFives – Parallel Furries

Tess? Yes, Misti Should we turn over Don’t think so… No, you’re right… too complex. ©Stephen Tanham

Hunting the Unicorn: the Fairy Circle

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
? Sunday morning already… the weekend was slipping by incredibly fast, but we knew Dean had a lot planned for the final morning of the workshop. Our day began by packing the car, necessarily skipping breakfast… which was to prove a bit disastrous as things turned out… and re-inflating the dodgy tyre yet again. It was definitely getting…


Three Days of the Oyster-Catcher (Part 4) Sea and Stone

I didn’t want to leave Burghead, not even for Findhorn; a place I’d wanted to visit for a long time. Burghead had filled me (many of us, I think) with a sense of ancient mystery and that dreadful knowledge that the centre of the Pict civilisation had likely perished in the Viking raids of the 9th century, when the ‘fort’ was sacked and burned. … Read More Three Days of the Oyster-Catcher (Part 4) Sea and Stone

Hunting the Unicorn: “…and under the earth…”

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
Sharp tang of woodsmoke, tall shadows climb stone walls, reflected flames dance in a black pool. Deep in the belly of earth, the symbols of the rite painted on pale skin, I wait as the torches come… I could not say where or when the scene unfolded, nor what was the rite, only that to find yourself unexpectedly…


Three Days of the Oyster-Catcher (Part 3) Headland of the Picts

The Moray Firth is vast, wild and beautiful. Examined on a map it resembles a child’s geometry exercise in triangles, with the coast between its ‘origin’ at Inverness and far-away Fraserburgh being a virtually flat west-east baseline. From Fraserburgh the great inlet of the Moray Firth reaches northwards into the North Sea. The final line in the triangle, from Inverness moving north-east, ends at … Read More Three Days of the Oyster-Catcher (Part 3) Headland of the Picts

Three Days of the Oyster-Catcher (2) Coast and Castle

There has to be a dawn… I’m not being flippant. Our Silent Eye ‘spirituality in the landscape’ weekends always have at least one early morning event during which we gather somewhere beautiful and greet the dawn. It’s a joy and also a discipline: something that tells our inner self that ‘we mean it’. Sometimes we might read poetry or even enact something from esoteric … Read More Three Days of the Oyster-Catcher (2) Coast and Castle

Hunting the Unicorn: Heading north…

Sue begins her narrative on the SilentUnicorn weekend

Harlequin Solstice

Harlequin solstice St John Kin A picture in the fading sun A race of fingers, digits Of solstice long earned Short departed ➰ How little How sadly You are understood Your music the struggle Of madness Made harmony ➰ Until this moment When kings detach your strings When single song Descends Towards the dark arms But brighter eyes Of St Stephen ➰ ©Stephen Tanham

Three Days of the Oyster-Catcher (1)

We were standing close to the River Spey in the grounds of Strathallan church a few miles from the centre of Grantown-on-Spey: one of the gems of the north-eastern highlands of Scotland. The previous hour had seen us all meet at a tea room in the centre of the town. We discussed the plans for the weekend, drank tea and had cake… Strathallan church … Read More Three Days of the Oyster-Catcher (1)

The way to dusty death?

We were in Ulverston, Dean and I. We’d just climbed the famous ‘Hoad’ – a tall monument on the top of a tall hill that looks like a lighthouse… but isn’t. There’s some important symbology in that, but we’ll return to it later. He was on his way back from Somerset to northern Scotland – the Glenlivet area of the North Cairngorms, where he … Read More The way to dusty death?

Lord of the Deep, Into the Deep part 2

Originally posted on willowdot21:
Urshanabi leads Gilgamesh to the Deep Underworld. And so for nine hours Gilgamesh has to out run the sun. And he does out run the sun, though how I do not know. Continued After nine exhausting hours with the sun hot on his heels Gilgamesh emerges from the underworld into the garden of the Gods. The garden is a place…


From Sue…

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