Day: June 6, 2019

Magical Elements: ‘Alchemy’…

Originally posted on Stuart France:
? ? * To lessen the confusion between Fire and Water and to accentuate the difference between Earth and Air,  the Alchemists coloured their symbols… * … Alchemy is one of the oldest techniques known to Man. The Ancient who first cast a weather eye at the heavens, licked a finger and held it aloft in the sky, in…

The Golden Eye of Fiveness (2)

In Part One, we looked at a very simple sequence of numbers that ‘orbited’ or homed-in on a certain value. Now we need to examine that value and look at the sheer magic of what it represents. This new number was 1.618. It’s derivation is summarised in the diagram above, and described in the previous post. Simply: (red numbers) we add the two previous … Read More The Golden Eye of Fiveness (2)

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