Category: Alchemical Poetry

Light on Black

I will not tread upon your words Whose worth is in these hills and lakes Where golden flowers charmed the breeze That carried you to greatness ➰ But armed with eyes of fingered glass Which sense and frame intensity I reach into the now of gold To capture black’s propensity ➰ To frame in light what lies beyond And host a soul that only … Read More Light on Black

Harlequin Solstice

Harlequin solstice St John Kin A picture in the fading sun A race of fingers, digits Of solstice long earned Short departed ➰ How little How sadly You are understood Your music the struggle Of madness Made harmony ➰ Until this moment When kings detach your strings When single song Descends Towards the dark arms But brighter eyes Of St Stephen ➰ ©Stephen Tanham

Veil of Blue

Beyond the blue is something more Where green leaves end is azure’s home No distance fades or feathers this Transition in the air of Life No boundary we don’t set in stone ➰ Before the Green my eyes appear Not open – grow – from matter’s heart Creating depth with brain that knows What it remembers, nothing more The veil of knowing is the … Read More Veil of Blue

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