Stuart’s opening comments on the ‘Jewel in the Claw’ weekend…

The Silent Eye


‘A change is as good as a rest’.

Proverbial wisdom or reckless folly?

For five years the Silent Eye Team has explored the spiritual legacy of the ages via a nine-fold map and our beloved Enneagram Mat…

This year, for our sixth Spring Gathering, things were going to be different.

Gone was the mat.

Our comfort and our staff.

In its place, in all its chequered glory lay a ‘Bloody Great Chess-board!’

Nightmare scenarios of a ‘McGoohan-ish’ nature crept from the shadows.

Mystery and menace appeared to lurk in unfathomably regular alternations of the black and the white.

Unfazed, the cast our production had called forth from across the globe set about the task of negotiationg both mystery and menace with their customary gusto and aplomb…

A robust Countess Libido saved our dying hero from his untimely end on the promise of a previously unwritten ‘masterpiece’ relating Queen Elizabth…

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