Month: March 2018

Spring’s Silent Song

  Is it perhaps in fingertips Where poised and ready reflex sits Sharpened, flexed and keen Framing March’s calling turn As brightness fills the sky ➰ Or feet that on an older ground Had slithered, moaned and grumbled loud Now, with bouncing spring and tread A lighter step as though ahead A different path awaits ➰ Perhaps the seeds delight and stir Where winter’s … Read More Spring’s Silent Song

March For Our Lives

Originally posted on Myths of the Mirror:
David Hogg, (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik) Most of my followers have heard me mention a time or two that my youngest brother was a victim of gun violence. Fifteen years ago this summer, he was shot in the head inside his home. There was no national coverage, no thoughts and prayers from politicians. He was just another gun…

A Magical Roundabout

I remember the moment, a few years ago, when Stuart – one of my co-directors of the Silent Eye – said to me: “And that’s it, vanished in an instant: all that work about to be packed up, filed away and forgotten…” He was referring to the hour at the end of our annual workshop during which we tear down the props, pack the … Read More A Magical Roundabout

Octapi Farm

Let’s call them Octapi. It’s a made-up name, but useful. There’s an Octapi in your lap. It’s a friendly one. You’ve had it for a few years and you like its smiley face – in fact it has different faces you can use according to your mood. Moods and preferences are important… The Octapi are very good at picking up how you feel. You … Read More Octapi Farm

Accidents of Light…


Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
It was a dark place, akin to madness Wrought by a grief held in stasis; Buried alive by choices Made in assumed ignorance And wilful blindness. Rooted in the memory of a past long dead, That rattled its chains in waking nightmares And brittle laughter. Afraid to be seen, afraid to be ignored To pass into…

Carry on talking

  From twisted flesh and sinew You dared to dream To think, to see, to do And in that doing felt The Universe create anew ⦿ But doing dares beyond To tell the species how Uniquely made it is Not for that which follows life But simply what is now: That mind could put an end to strife ⦿ And all, you said, of … Read More Carry on talking

Formidable stone

Formidable, once: Within this place was safety born Exchanged for fealty, price of stones That made these walls and saved your bones ⦿ Tracks in the sand: The beach on which you walk your dog Is wet where bishops splashed ashore The highway of the sea a grateful, distant roar ⦿ Oak-panelled door: Beneath which we pass in droves A portal – then – … Read More Formidable stone


Candle in the mind

If we wish to make a voyage into the self, we need a set of tools, with which to: a) Investigate, as objectively as possible, what this ‘me’ is doing. b) Create a space; a different part of us, that our growing and real consciousness can ‘live in’. These may initially sound somewhat forced, but that is only because western language, with its notional … Read More Candle in the mind

Looking back…

Sue recalls some of our adventures as April approaches!

Enduring Crows

At Winter’s end In lows of March A friend said: watch the crows It’s fanciful, he said But wise, and came from one who knows. ⦿ Far below the nest that swayed, I wandered With streaming eyes to field beyond Where two dark shapes Carved the air on frozen pond. ⦿ Mere hair’s width from the icy death A swooping, chasing joy A courtship … Read More Enduring Crows

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