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How we nearly got to the 2018 Bloggers Bash

On Saturday, 19th May, I left Kendal in Cumbria, and nearly got to the Blogger’s Bash in London…. Barbara, one of our Silent Eye colleagues, had stayed overnight with us so that we could catch an early-ish train. Bernie drove us to catch the 08:30 departure to London from our local Oxenholme, Lake District station. The day was perfect – with hot sun and … Read More How we nearly got to the 2018 Bloggers Bash

From the Silence

The old woman gazed at the photo of her grandsons, standing in its silver frame on the scratched coffee table by the window. She remembered the day the toy sports car – minus one rubber wheel – had gouged its French-polished top. Despite the damage, she had kept it as it was. Her grandson was horrified that it was still there to remind him. … Read More From the Silence

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