Bakelite Phone modifiedAA

The old woman gazed at the photo of her grandsons, standing in its silver frame on the scratched coffee table by the window. She remembered the day the toy sports car – minus one rubber wheel – had gouged its French-polished top.

Despite the damage, she had kept it as it was. Her grandson was horrified that it was still there to remind him.

It brought a smile that a maturing young man could feel that twinge of guilt, many years after the incident… as she also did, the old woman mused, so long after the other one; the one for which no-one was prepared.

Now, in his turn, the desk-scratcher was to be married. There was something about the coming ceremony that promised to make right the memory of the other, the older dark day.

Her brightly coloured dress was lit by a flash of spring sunlight breaking through the clouds. She followed it, and from where she was sitting, she could just see the tops of the trees swaying slightly; the last of the pink blossom being cast adrift and taken on the wind.

She reined in her thoughts. “Enough of the past,” she muttered, realising she had spoken the words; then, looking down, decided to finish the sentiment. “Let this be a joyful healing…”

The phone rang. She stared at its familiar Art Deco shape, thinking how the bell’s sound echoed the black Bakelite curves. She had insisted they keep it alive for her.

“Yes?” her practiced tones never wavered.

“The car is here, Ma’am,” said the precise voice.

She turned one last time to look at the photo of Diana and fought back a small tear.

“You would have been very proud of him,” she said into the silence of the royal study.


(296 words, excluding the title)

This is my entry for the Bloggers Bash Blog Competition, 2018.

The theme is ‘Royalty’. The blog post may have a maximum of 300 words.

The Blogger’s Bash for 2018 is on the 19th May, the same day as the forthcoming royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. We wish them every happiness.

Original image of Bakelite phone: source.

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