The kiss of summer

Orkney Sun for blogAA

Against the heat, I have to climb

To drink the air so soft and fine

That my sore feet and too hot dog

Seek, daily in these fleeting months

For she who hides the winter in the wine


In heady breaths of fragrant fire

My lungs draw deep the hotter bliss

Now fading like the summer’s arc

Will shortly start to downward curve

And ask me did you drink my summer kiss?

Where this is known alone endure

The keepers of the summer kind

As, stolen, held, orgasmic joy

Is folded over in-breath’s heart

To lie, concealed, in winter mind

©Stephen Tanham

18 Replies to “The kiss of summer”

        1. It was the evening of Beltane, and we had just attended a local ceremony at the Ring of Brodgar, attended by forty or so guests, like ourselves. After this, we were walking back to the main road and the sun became that intense gold in the photo and ‘filled the air’. A very magical experience!

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          1. I am actually obsessed with subsets. I must be having thousands of pictures of sunsets only. and if you throw an ocean in the mix the result is absolutely magical every time.
            I used to wait to go to other state of UAE (Ras al-Kaima) as it get clear stunning sunset then I moved to this new home where sun sets right in front of me everyday.
            I time cam when it would set between 2 buildings. I have picture of that here:

            its a powerful experience.

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  1. I had a feeling you might, Geoff! Overnight Edinburgh (no hardship there), then train to Thurso via change and lunch at Inverness. Taxi to the port and ferry to Orkney. Tiring but wonderful….


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