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Game of Midnight

It is dark, so there won’t be any Photographs They will, like the sun Be resting in untaken Manifestation But collie’s last trip Outdoors In upward glance reveals A silver-blue unlike Any before It is the moon, hiding and smiling At The one human on the planet Standing here within the game Of Midnight ©Stephen Tanham 2021 Stephen Tanham is a Director of the … Read More Game of Midnight


Summer Solstice 2020

They placed a test within the breast Of humans, who go round and round To gaze on fullness, once, and then Descend, with scent and sigh From gold on face to black And back… ➰ So little held, this joy of June’s Delight and softest night with dawn A moment’s slumber distant Long grass between the fingers Petals’ kiss, a fleeting bliss A setting … Read More Summer Solstice 2020


#ShortWrytz: Soma of Soft Skies

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been entranced by the soft skies of the warmer months – particularly those of late spring, which heralds their return. Their beauty speaks for itself… but there is something else that haunts. The word ‘soft’ is the key. Every one of our senses is touched in a silken way by the early mornings, long days and … Read More #ShortWrytz: Soma of Soft Skies

Marking the Horizon

Our garden is south-facing, which is lovely when the sun shines, as we benefit from its rays through most of the day. I’ve begun to write about the history of our ‘gunpowder’ village of Sedgwick in other posts. The old (drained) canal bed that runs through our garden has been a challenge to incorporate into a coherent design, but, a decade on, we seem … Read More Marking the Horizon

Harlequin Solstice

Harlequin solstice St John Kin A picture in the fading sun A race of fingers, digits Of solstice long earned Short departed ➰ How little How sadly You are understood Your music the struggle Of madness Made harmony ➰ Until this moment When kings detach your strings When single song Descends Towards the dark arms But brighter eyes Of St Stephen ➰ ©Stephen Tanham

The kiss of summer

Against the heat, I have to climb To drink the air so soft and fine That my sore feet and too hot dog Seek, daily in these fleeting months For she who hides the winter in the wine ___ In heady breaths of fragrant fire My lungs draw deep the hotter bliss Now fading like the summer’s arc Will shortly start to downward curve … Read More The kiss of summer

The Solstice Stone

Watched over by the ancient Lion and Lamb the Summer Solstice light tries to kiss awake the sleeping mind of Mankind

Approaching the Solstice – Saturday

Standing in the Eye of the Uffington White Horse Looking down at the processional route from ancient times . . .

The Morning of the Eye of God

He never thought that on his last Solstice run He would be chosen Never dreamed that leagues could fall behind Leaving the others, younger mostly, In the dust of his tracks, farther, now, than his hearing. Ahead, the great rock soars up, black and massive Its winding path, dark strip in the pre-dawn light His feet, belonging to something else, Thunder like heartbeats along … Read More The Morning of the Eye of God

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