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Marking the Horizon

Our garden is south-facing, which is lovely when the sun shines, as we benefit from its rays through most of the day. I’ve begun to write about the history of our ‘gunpowder’ village of Sedgwick in other posts. The old (drained) canal bed that runs through our garden has been a challenge to incorporate into a coherent design, but, a decade on, we seem … Read More Marking the Horizon

Facing Oblivion, Scroll Three

Greetings, high priestess Camma How humbled I was to receive your message, my love of so many years ago! We of the Roman army may think ourselves focussed and disciplined, but your simple message cuts me as would the blades of your fabled twin daggers. You did not mean to do, this, I know; and you did it with such care that I could, … Read More Facing Oblivion, Scroll Three

Facing Oblivion, Scroll Two

  Greetings, Amathus How my heart leapt when I read the scroll your brave courier risked his life to bring. My own life has moved far from those innocent days when we gave that thin and trembling boy food and shelter. For several years we raised you as one of our own. I helped, of course, and watched and studied that intense boy with … Read More Facing Oblivion, Scroll Two

Facing Oblivion, Scroll One

Greetings, high priestess Camma Where my heart would speak I must make my rank as Roman soldier talk in bitter tones. I long to place my arms around you, once again, and protect you from what is coming, but we have little time. Suetonius Paulinus, a veteran of campaigns in North Africa, and much honoured in Rome, makes his way north, in haste, and … Read More Facing Oblivion, Scroll One

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