Day: June 16, 2018

Patterned in Dorset

I’ll leave the detail to they who planned this : Stuart and Sue. But, some real-time photos and narration will give a flavour of the Silent Eye’s 2018 pre-solstice weekend, here in beautiful Dorset. Dorset-based, yet our first journey was 18 miles north into Somerset, to the legendary South Cadbury site of the ‘Arthurian Castle, the site of an an ancient fortified settlement, and … Read More Patterned in Dorset

A Day’s walk?…

Originally posted on Stuart France:
* …”The why, is always the same.” “In order to connect, or to make whole?” “And in order to then participate in that wholeness.” “Which is connection.” “They call Glastonbury England’s ‘holiest erthe’.” “Perhaps that is why?” “Today, we look up to the night sky, and wonder, and dream of perfection.” “Or, at least, some of us do.” “Perhaps,…

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