I’ll leave the detail to they who planned this : Stuart and Sue. But, some real-time photos and narration will give a flavour of the Silent Eye’s 2018 pre-solstice weekend, here in beautiful Dorset.

Dorset-based, yet our first journey was 18 miles north into Somerset, to the legendary South Cadbury site of the ‘Arthurian Castle, the site of an an ancient fortified settlement, and a place of great ‘earth-power’. We began at the lovely church of St Thomas à Becket. Not shown on the maps, and with a mysterious past…

The locally painted picture, above, says it all… by the time this church was built they had learned the folly of imposing new building on places of ancient power, despite the traditional advice of St Augustine.

This one was built just below the hill; to coexist. And, what a hill…

We climbed up Cadbury ‘castle’

To find the distant north contained the Tor at Glastonbury – day’s walk away. A very special distance, that – the key to much of what would follow, as patterns on the land began to speak.

©Stephen Tanham

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  3. So I am wondering if the sites visited, and the order in which they are visited have to do with a sacred pattern now. What ancient mysteries did the people whom civilization considers to be primitive know that we still have not discovered for all our wealth of resources to uncover? Life is so full of great mysteries waiting to be solved. I was thinking how in the end of Gilgamesh, he dies, and Enkidu has already passed on, and supposedly the lesson he has learned is that he cannot have an eternal life, but is this real? For even after he is gone, life does go on in other areas and other people, so the concept of rebirth is, I believe, a valid one. We are conscious, but somewhat unconscious when we come into the world, and perhaps the same condition exists when we leave. I have always believed that the soul, the consciousness, as it were, isn’t something that just comes with a bolt of lightening from nowhere, but it is energy and life that exists somewhere in some form. Just as it came into our world in some form, so it continues regardless of what human beings do or don’t do. More people are born into the world, and all of them, and all of the animals born and the plants and trees, and all the other sacred things have some form of consciousness. Even the earth itself has a form of consciousness in every grain of sand, every wind blowing, every raindrop, every sunbeam. So regardless of what we believe or do not, life continues in all its beauty and its wonder.

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    • That’s a really good perspective, Anne. Mystically, life should be considered as a single entity – with vast fluidity and intelligence. We might say there is Life and there is Matter, which appears devoid of life (your grain of sand) but, in fact, is composed of an innate ‘process’ which eventually (in the life of a planet) creates a ‘womb’ in which Life can enter the physical and live, twinned, in a way that begins to fulfil its destiny. This process of awareness; becoming eventually consciousness, is the essence of intelligent life.
      In our mystical lives, we make this twinned life individual, in a way the transcends the ego. This is the goal of the work of the Silent Eye.
      As to the choice of churches on our weekend, yes, they did reveal a pattern, but Sue and Stuart, whose weekend this was, are your best source of this guidance. Stuart is currently publishing this story on his blog. See his ‘Church Crawl’ series for more info. But don’t overwhelm yourself with too much at once. Read, yes, but let understanding come in it’s own time. Things read now will reveal their inner meanings in the years to come. Sue will guide you in this. Steve.

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      • Thank you so kindly, Steve. Yes, everything you are writing here make so much sense, and I believe it. Yes, Sue is doing a wonderful job, and Stuart and everyone here seems to add a bit more to digest. It is very encouraging and full of joy to study.

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