Day: June 19, 2018

Magical Elements: Unfurling…

Originally posted on Stuart France:
* … Not content with speculations on the nature of the physical world, their deductions led the Alchemists to contemplations of a metaphysical nature… If Magical Elements could be transmuted each into the other then they must ultimately be equivalent. They posited a fifth element which possessed all the properties of the other four, and called it the Quintessence……

Patterned in Dorset (3)

It is said that a chapel dedicated to St Catherine once stood on this hill, looking down at the little town of Cerne Abbas, below. The original St Catherine was a pre-Christian figure about whom very little is known. She was associated with the symbol of an eight-armed wheel – the famous ‘Catherine wheel’, remembered now in the name of a firework…. Those visiting … Read More Patterned in Dorset (3)

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