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Wanton Whimsy: Reunion

I had not expected to see him, again. After all these years, I would have settled for a postcard or a mention in a dusty scrap of newspaper… Hell, after so many decades of best-friend-neglect, I would have settled for an invite to his funeral. But there he was, like some ghost emerging from the other side of an improbability wormhole. A dusty tableau … Read More Wanton Whimsy: Reunion

And tomorrow…

And tomorrow we will gather Within this garden country, rich with life To gaze, inside, upon your memories And tell stories of your laughing fullness ➰ Outside our garden guest-house I found this quiet group Of faded, used-out artefact Held close in tulips’ embrace The whole, sun-wrapped And I thought of you. ➰ ©Stephen Tanham Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye, … Read More And tomorrow…

Death in Life

⦿ I had not thought to think on death Until the line of light grew thin Until the narrow, fragile band Was all there was of what had been ⦿ There was a time I had the Earth Where ‘now’ embraced potential Where energy flowed free and fast My will the blueprint elemental ⦿ Until the bog and fog grew thick And weeds, untilled, … Read More Death in Life

The Last Tailor

The Last Tailor — The clothes he wears are not his own They dressed the flesh to suit the dead With colours picked from nature’s prime And perfumes rare that round his head Entwine a crown of rule and law In broken pieces whispering of a thread ——- The white ones came and spun the rope That covered tailored blood and green And in … Read More The Last Tailor

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