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The Sacrificed King

Easter is symbolically the time of the celebration of the death and resurrection of Christ. This thread of story and principle runs through our civilisation very deeply; and Easter Sunday is the most important day in the Christian calendar. Jesus (the) Christ did not proclaim himself king, despite being labelled ‘King of the Jews’ – quite the opposite. He said he came ‘from the … Read More The Sacrificed King

The Last Tailor

The Last Tailor — The clothes he wears are not his own They dressed the flesh to suit the dead With colours picked from nature’s prime And perfumes rare that round his head Entwine a crown of rule and law In broken pieces whispering of a thread ——- The white ones came and spun the rope That covered tailored blood and green And in … Read More The Last Tailor

Before Osiris

Before Osiris We do not speak of death, he said Not here, where shapes of dread can hold no sway, And disappear at end of days; and mouths spit out their final hate, Then mute, come forth unto that silent gate ——- Come gentle soul, and rise, he said And let Anubis wash your eyes; clean fear away, from inner skies, until, forever leaving … Read More Before Osiris

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