Day: July 7, 2019

#FurryFives – Evicted!

Tess: I did warn you! Misti: It was only your head! Tess: You we’re walking on it Misti: I lived here, first… Tess: Yawn… ©Copyright Stephen Tanham

Perfect peace

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
The sun had shone on a perfect day, buzzing with the sound of summer. The air was full of small noises… the distant squeals and laughter of children playing, insects busily going about their job, music carried on the breeze, the tearing of grass beyond the garden fence where the cattle munch their way through the lush green…

Love after Love…

Originally posted on Words on Paper:
? Image by ? ? Love after Love When the flame has swallowed the wax When the candle is no more Then you will see your love waiting In green fields by golden gates Castle walls that shine like mirrors polished Your journey will not be taken On swift straight roads It will be as if you…

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