Tess: I did warn you!

Misti: It was only your head!

Tess: You we’re walking on it

Misti: I lived here, first…

Tess: Yawn…

©Copyright Stephen Tanham

7 Comments on “#FurryFives – Evicted!

  1. Cute. Hubby has been evicted to the spare room so that Maggie can stretch out (on his side) and sleep soundly. This heat has really got to her and curled up is affecting her airways.

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  2. We have six Chihuahuas and one cat, and that cat, who is declawed in the front (not by us at all, but a former owner now gone forever), can hold them all off. No one will come forward to deal with her, and she knows exactly how to deal with all of them. Really something.

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