Month: September 2019

Rites of Passage: Brief encounter…

Sue describes Rowtor Rocks – One of the most mysterious places in Derbyshire…

#ShortWrytz: vertical panaroma

Some smart phones have a ‘Panorama’ feature within the photography options. This allows a left to right scan to be taken of the scene in front of you. You can make it as wide as you like, subject to a maximum of about 180 degrees. The trade-off is that the wider it is, the thinner the vertical slice of scenery, as below. It never … Read More #ShortWrytz: vertical panaroma

Fear and Love in the High Peak (2) – “I want a posset!”

The first visit of the Silent Eye ‘Rites of Passage: Seeing Beyond Fear’ weekend was to the Derbyshire village of Eyam (pronounced Eem) – The Plague Village. Our family has a personal connection with Eyam and the terrible events of 1665-6, when bubonic plague, newly arrived in Derbyshire from London, took the lives of 260 of its occupants: over seven-tenths of its population. No-one … Read More Fear and Love in the High Peak (2) – “I want a posset!”

Big Bubbles

Once there was an ocean A bright blue ocean That shone shimmering gold As its waves crested and fell And the bubbles danced with joy ➰ Then a bubble grew bigger And gathered other big bubbles We’re not bubbles they cried We’re a cluster of bubbles And they rose to the top of the waves And flew off into the bright sky ➰ Higher … Read More Big Bubbles

Aurally Speaking…

Originally posted on France & Vincent:
* “But what does it mean, I mean, why insist upon this sort of ‘Geometric Embedding’?” “There may be several reasons, but one is certainly preservative.” “Coding may be another…” “…And quit possibly, keying.” “Keying sounds interesting?” “Keying is still problematic, highly problematic…” “Oh, yes?” “…Not the concept, that’s sound enough.” “We only have to consider ‘…Lir-Brood’ to…

#FurryFives – pilates class

– Okay, class, breathe in! And… doooown. No giggling at the back… and put the tea down. – And pivot! – And rest… – You wouldn’t be laughing if you knew how much closer I was to your toes than you are! ©Stephen Tanham

Rites of Passage: The weight of history

Sue begins the full story of the Derbyshire workshop… and the spellbinding village of Eyam.

Fear and Love in the High Peak – part one

It’s not the best of photo resolutions, but the above image says it all. Briony saluting the Derbyshire landscape in her own way at the end of three days of the Silent Eye’s Tideswell-based workshop: Sue and Stuart’s creation; and a wonderful experience for the group of souls who braved the provocative title for the weekend… Rites of Passage: Seeing beyond Fear …and decided … Read More Fear and Love in the High Peak – part one

That King Thing…

From Stuart…

Somber not Sad

A second on an icy breeze A chill that fears no coat A fading colour unafraid Of its own transition floats ➰ From the order of formed green To the falling of bronze The collecting whisper Is the voice of the colder wind ➰ North of the east and south of the west Nothing turns bad Culling life-magic, living no death Is somber not … Read More Somber not Sad

#FurryFives – end of summer

– It’s gone, hasn’t it, Tess? Yes… – Will it come back like last year? (Yawn) Yes, Misti. It always does… just takes forever I wish I could count in twelfths… ©Stephen Tanham

The cycle of life

The approach of the autumn always makes me reflect on the nature of life; in particular the way the mysterious essence of life takes form and shape, ‘living’ for a while, then giving up its life and surrendering the elements of that form back to the earth from which it arose. We all feel the poignancy of life’s seasons, but it’s useful to align … Read More The cycle of life

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