Month: October 2019

The Moment that Teaches

Most people who venture into the mystical encounter it before too long – that momentary sense of the world dropping away and an intense silence taking centre stage. In that silence is a new perspective which does not belong to the subjective, reasoning consciousness. I think of it as the ‘moment that teaches’. It is to be sought after as though it were gold. … Read More The Moment that Teaches

The Landscape that Teaches

When we were creating the Silent Eye’s mentored correspondence course, we envisaged a three-year journey through a mental, emotional and spiritual landscape which would evolve as the Companion’s learning and depth of ‘being’ increased. This landscape was to be internal – an active, meditative experience, whose presence would extend into the daily life as learning of true cause and effect deepened, and different aspects … Read More The Landscape that Teaches

The last I can write of Gilgamesh.

Originally posted on willowdot21:
Back in June I wrote ”As I am nearing the end of my account of my feelings and experiences at The Silent Eye Spring Workshop I find I want to linger with the memories and stop time.” I had joined the Silent Eye Work Shop back in April to learn what I could about Gilgamesh and his quest for immortality.…

The Opening

I know the words The long-learned words With which this view is framed These slats of wood I crafted round The Opening… ➰ Yet there it lies, unshut before me The rawness of the world Behind my words I kneel, now Afraid to stop their flow’s intent In widening my wood ➰ One day the words will be unspeakable The splinters brushed aside By … Read More The Opening

A matter of time…

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
I watched the sun go down tonight from the roadside. For once, the camera had not come with me… I was just driving to the shop and didn’t pick it up. Even so, I cursed myself for leaving the camera as I saw the huge, golden orb shot with crimson reflected in the rearview mirror. Too late to…

#FurryFives – metro gnome

Human: It doesn’t say that! Misti: What? Human: It doesn’t say ‘will my breakfast never appear’! Misti: Perhaps you’re in the wrong key? Human: I give up… chicken? ©Stephen Tanham

A prospect of Whitby (1) The Abbey at the centre of time

The title’s cheeky… Bram Stoker created Count Dracula of Transylvania and had him come ashore at Whitby in a ship named The Prospect of Whitby. We’ll not be talking much about Dracula in our coming weekend workshop; we’ve got enough to contend with considering the truth… There are many ways to approach the centre of Whitby, but only one to truly approach its heart… … Read More A prospect of Whitby (1) The Abbey at the centre of time

#ShortWrytz – Night moves: the big idea

Since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by the way the autumn darkness conveys a deeper sense of empathy than the late summer it leaves behind… What I mean is (for example in the picture above) the quietness that wraps – envelopes – two people when they gather under a seaside lamp awaiting the arrival (via spouses) of their fish and chips, following … Read More #ShortWrytz – Night moves: the big idea

#FurryFives : two-time

Misti: I love us having a shower… Human: There’s only me under here! Misti: Yes, but I have a wash at the same time Human: But that’s not the main reason you’re so happy? Misti: OK, so the dog’s not allowed in here, is she… <purr> ©Stephen Tanham

The Whirlpool

It begins with a feeling… A feeling that something has fallen: like a vital bridge being destroyed. As it develops, you sense the landscape being stretched, allowing forms of life alien to your own to enter the world. And then you become conscious that there is a velocity, here – that we are all going somewhere we didn’t ask for. After a while you … Read More The Whirlpool

Losing the past

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
Skeleton from an archaeological dig at Lindisfarne Abbey There was an article about the archaeological explorations taking place along the route of HS2, the planned high-speed rail link between London and Birmingham. It highlighted the amazing number of sites being excavated, spanning the human history of the last ten thousand years. Before work begins, the route…

Landing on a lid near you!

From somewhere overhead In the tree beneath which I was Eating Kendal Creamy cheese And coffee Sharing the cheese with the collie You took flight, bounced with percussion And – unlikey, I know – remained atop See! Good job I’d finished Or our worlds would not Have intersected… They’ll never believe you Either Back at the base… ©Stephen Tanham

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