Losing the past

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Skeleton from an archaeological dig at Lindisfarne Abbey

There was an article about the archaeological explorations taking place along the route of HS2, the planned high-speed rail link between London and Birmingham. It highlighted the amazing number of sites being excavated, spanning the human history of the last ten thousand years. Before work begins, the route will explore such diverse sites as prehistoric settlements, lost churches, battlefields and burial grounds. The official position is that we have an unprecedented opportunity to discover and explore our history and finds are being made that are as varied as flint tools and the lost remains of Captain Matthew Flinders, who led the first expedition to circumnavigate Australia.

All well and good…  it is undoubtedly very exciting stuff. For archaeologists, this is a magnificent opportunity and may encourage an interest in their history from both from communities and younger people. There is a downside…

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Landing on a lid near you!

From somewhere overhead

In the tree beneath which I was

Eating Kendal Creamy cheese

And coffee

Sharing the cheese with the collie

You took flight, bounced with percussion

And – unlikey, I know – remained atop

See! Good job I’d finished

Or our worlds would not

Have intersected…

They’ll never believe you


Back at the base…

©Stephen Tanham