Day: August 18, 2019

Crescent over the Midland

I snapped this while walking the collie along Morecambe’s seafront in a strong wind, earlier today. And then I was reading about WordPress’ new iOS ‘share’ extension for Apple iPad and iPhone, which can instantly convert online content (eg pictures or a block of text) into a there-and-then post. It seemed the perfect test! However, I was expecting a ‘preview’ dialogue, but apparently not.. … Read More Crescent over the Midland

Summer Dragonfly

Originally posted on Windmills of My Mind:
Your flashing wings suddenly appear on a warm spring day; Wings quick, turning, zigzagging to catch a micro insect in the warm air. Then, your brilliant colors flashing wings, delicately enjoying the last days of summer before you disappear.

#FurryFives – Passenger

– Tess, I’m not criticising your driving Sniff – I just think…. Sniff, sniff – I just think we took that corner a bit too fast! ©Stephen Tanham

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