I snapped this while walking the collie along Morecambe’s seafront in a strong wind, earlier today.

And then I was reading about WordPress’ new iOS ‘share’ extension for Apple iPad and iPhone, which can instantly convert online content (eg pictures or a block of text) into a there-and-then post.

It seemed the perfect test! However, I was expecting a ‘preview’ dialogue, but apparently not..

But what it does is good, if a little trigger happy! So, rather than shoot it, I’ll leave it there…

And later I added this:

‘The Midland’ is Morecambe’s iconic Art Deco hotel, whose beautiful renovation by Urban Splash became a key event in Victorian seaside town’s regeneration.

The Eden Project’s directors have recently confirmed that they are to site the new Eden North campus next to the Midland Hotel, on a part of the seafront that used to be home to the famous ‘Super Swimming Stadium’ – the TV home of the Miss Great Britain contest that ran from the 1950s to the 80s.

Times have, thankfully, moved on, and the eco focus of Eden North will have a dramatic effect on the town’s fortunes.

We are due to attend an Eden North event in November. I hope to do a detailed blog, then.

Hope you enjoy the pic!

Steve 😎

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