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“Don’t give me your excuses…. you’re a superhobbit and superhobbits don’t seize up!”

My son had phoned me to discuss his garden, even though I had just spent yet another nine hours in it, moving tons of earth and stone… and that is not dramatic exaggeration but simple fact. I’d done the same the for two days before too. At my age and with my bones, I am entitled to seize up.

The first day, labour and time being in short supply, I had hand-oiled and moved three hundred yards of timber to help out… and that was bad enough. Truth be told, it was only adrenalin that carried me through the next day. I had waited at home for my own delivery, dragged fence panels and posts into my garden and carried in three hundred pounds of cement mix. My back protested, but needs must when deliveries are ‘kerbside’.

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