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Goths on the Lake?

A mid-November trip to Keswick and one of its two lakes – Derwent Water. The last few days of the visit of our artist friend from Oz, before she leaves for a final rendezvous in Manchester and then the long journey back home to Melbourne. A week with us then she had two days with a fellow artist and his engineer wife… who happen … Read More Goths on the Lake?

The Cafe at the end of the Writing World

“It used to be called, simply, vanity publishing,” a good friend said to me, recently. She is more than just a friend, she’s the kind of good friend who tells you the truth, not always what we want to hear. I’ve made some wonderful friends as a writer in the community. Although I’ve written a few ‘Amazon books’ as well, I’m not going … Read More The Cafe at the end of the Writing World

Books, coffee, knowing things…

(This post is 600 words, a five-minute read) I loved the image… I’d credit its creator if I knew where it came from; but there it was in my in-tray. The cool black cat with the importantly steaming mug of coffee, and an engrossing book with covers in my favourite colour… all of it pushing back the awfulness of an English February. There’s a … Read More Books, coffee, knowing things…

Cats, Dogs and Christmas

As we approach the end of it, I wanted a recent photo to sum up this dreadful year; but one which had hope in it – and an element of fun, despite the deluge of bad news we seem to face daily. This is not me trying to be heroic. It’s simply a photo taken on Sunday by my wife, Bernie, during a rain … Read More Cats, Dogs and Christmas

The Helmet in Morrisons’ Sink: Monday 13th January

I could have shown you a picture of my motorbike lying on its side in the car park, but that might have been too brutal… “It’s not for everyone, the Advanced Rider Course,” my examiner was saying as he helped me recover the Honda 750NT from its prone position in a corner of Morrisons’ huge car park on the outskirts of Kendal. “It’s rather … Read More The Helmet in Morrisons’ Sink: Monday 13th January

The Unmelt

Written for Diana Wallace Peach’s Myths of the Mirror November challenge. A November Writing Challenge Go for the teeth, says Jespa. He aims to freak ‘em out when he won’t let the ice melt. Likes to see if they’ll notice – long after the dark liquid is gone – that the cubes are still whole and frozen. Most miss it entirely, slinging the residual contents … Read More The Unmelt

#FurryFives : interview

– Yea, well it was cool at the time, but you can only take so much of living in a bush in Bolton… So what changed the course of your abandoned life? – Well, his mother walked past with a pampered Pomeranian pooch… Yes? – And I thought, “Holy shit, look at the lifestyle that goes with this one!” And followed her home! (This … Read More #FurryFives : interview

A Strong Right Arm #writingprompt

A Strong Right Arm – written in response to Diana Wallace Peach’s Myths of the Mirror #writingprompt for May 2019. When Jackson de Ville came to, he was seated and Electra was straddling him. The knife was in his clenched fist and there seemed to be some mental compulsion preventing him from letting it go. She moved forward, so that the blade began to … Read More A Strong Right Arm #writingprompt

Dancing with the Ghost in the Machine

If you’ve ever been involved with anything of an ‘amateur dramatic’ nature, you will know that moment: the protagonist, hated until the final few moments (when the greater picture is revealed) shuffles off, in rags, to his doom; and the shared and questioning silence longs for the gentle and poignant soothing that only the right music can bring…. Screech, click, screech, ping, wheeeeeedle…. . … Read More Dancing with the Ghost in the Machine

Inspector Sunday

  Inspector Sunday examined the room in minute detail. His deadly enemy, Adrian Cheng, might be anywhere. But the sinister arch-criminal and master of disguise was nowhere to be see. “Perhaps a coffee would help?” the tocking of the clock seemed to say. Sunday considered the suggestion, and gave in to its subtle persuasion… “I’ll find you,” Sunday muttered, a few minutes later, sipping … Read More Inspector Sunday

Vertical disintegration

I hope I hide it well…but that can be a dangerous and naive presumption. I’m at my best when convergent; and yet the divergent part is essential to the inclusiveness of the creative process. I’m rambling on in a manner that is plainly self-indulgent, so let me explain… It’s what I’ve come to think of as the ‘duff desktop’ that I’m musing about. The … Read More Vertical disintegration

Night Nomads

It’s two and you, two dogs and it The hidden light that powers the grit Of rubber spinning in the night ➰ Beneath the blazing arc-lights’ cold No warmth escapes the darkened scold Of coffee, burgers, brands unsold ➰ But we, Night Nomads, are unclean As hounds, will reave your tables, mean, With hunger and disease will you demean ➰ We won’t, of course, … Read More Night Nomads

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