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The New Zealand white slipped down easily as he typed furiously on the iPad. Hours seemed to pass, industriously. Ideas flowed and the plot thickened…

By one inch from the bottom of the bottle, he had it nailed. The robbery, the savage death in the pool of the sadistic villain, the near drowning of the woman – the kidnap victim who had given up hope of surviving. And the slipping away into the night of the mysterious dark stranger upon the arrival of Inspector Docker…

He reached for the packet of breadsticks: the only thing to have with wine when you were creating with this degree of success … and found it empty, causing him to look up.

She was standing there, looking down at him. No longer naked in the pool, but shimmering with silk thread and gold … and heels that made him blink and look again.

“I wanted to thank you for saving my life…”

The silken voice was just as he imagined, but the outline of the small gun in her purse came as a surprise. Perhaps there was more to this character than simply a victim?

He reached for his notebook.

©Stephen Tanham 2023

Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye, a journey through the forest of personality to the dawn of Being.

http://www.thesilenteye.co.uk and http://www.suningemini.blog


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