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Agents of the Deluge

  I should have known, I tell myself – as the torrential rain comes at me sideways and immediately drenches my black corduroy trousers, that it was going to be one of those days. Note to self: cords and heavy rain do not a happy camper make… Not that I’m camping. It’s a normal, February, Saturday morning in South Lakeland and the rain has … Read More Agents of the Deluge

Now, briefly, you see me – #writephoto

  In response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt. Now, briefly, you see me – #writephoto “Money?” he smiled. “How much money do I have?” He laughed, in the way that the super relaxed, super rich, super smooth can do… His eyes twinkled as he scanned my hopeless innocence. “Let me see…” He reached for the decanter containing the single malt. “Imagine,” he said, the smile … Read More Now, briefly, you see me – #writephoto

All the Darkness – #writephoto

In response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt. All the Darkness – #writephoto What the hell, he muttered. And it was the equinox, after all. He’d thought that he would give this one a miss; but then came the drive to his mother’s house and the usual time-slip as the joys and labours of caring took far more time than they should. Sometimes, he would drive … Read More All the Darkness – #writephoto

Well Hung – #writephoto

  In response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt. Well Hung – #writephoto It had started that most miserable of days, when, sodden with the constant June downpour, he had lost his way and found himself in a dark valley. Ahead of him was the strange hill. The second he saw it the hill reminded him of the head of a bird of prey. But, before … Read More Well Hung – #writephoto

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