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Written for Diana Wallace Peach’s Myths of the Mirror November challenge.

A November Writing Challenge

Go for the teeth, says Jespa.

He aims to freak ‘em out when he won’t let the ice melt. Likes to see if they’ll notice – long after the dark liquid is gone – that the cubes are still whole and frozen.

Most miss it entirely, slinging the residual contents into the plastic liners of their swing-top kitchens bins, listening to the multiple clatter on dirty tins or the wet phwap onto the remains of food or packaging… and noticing nothing.

It’s got to be cola, mind. The alcohol in the subsequent mix is irrelevant. It’s the kind of sugar that matters. Millions of variants at our level, but the dark stuff just hits the spot; time, after time. The perfect sustenance…

We’ve been waiting for a long time: mixing, combining, testing, joining. There’s a lot of dark, enamel-rotting liquid sugar out there. The tiny holes are perfect dwellings… and we’re very well fed.

And microbiologist as saviour? Naw… this is life as you’ve never seen it before. Parallel life; a billion billion entities working as one, unseen, of course. Like the clear near-nothing freezing film around the unmelted ice. Got to hand it to Jespa, he’s got a helluva sense of humour.

Go for the teeth, he says. Imagine a billion teeth surrounded in a microsecond.

There they go… clunk, phwap. Pity. Jespa says he would have spared these drinkers if they’d noticed the ice cubes… but some poor sod’s got to be first.

We don’t hear as such, so the global screams won’t bother us.

Go get ‘em boys…

©Stephen Tanham

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