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Yellow rose in garden A Rose Opens to Light

I have started working with the mantra Aham Prema, which translated into English means “I am Divine Love.” 54 repetitions with the mala beads brings my voice outside of myself to a state beyond insecurity. My body becomes a humming vibration of energy amplified by the back of my throat. Constriction releases as I settle into the frequency of the ancient notes of Sanskrit.

“I am Divine Love.” Aham Prema.

Quite some time ago, I was sitting in a pub with a friend of mine. We were talking about yoga, and she was telling me about how it brings her to a state of discomfort. “It’s like welcoming the divine into your body,” she stated.

Aham Prema. “I am Divine Love.”

Is this not what we all seek? Yoga, and all that it encompasses, for it is not merely a series of poses, asks us to…

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4 Comments on “Yoga: When You Are Not Used To Love

  1. Deeply interesting Steve. Long had an interest in Yoga, and an avid reader on the subject, but always lacked a good teacher. My path took me into Qigong and Tai Chi instead, but the more I learn, the more I realise all these things are linked and pointing towards the same thing.

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