Day: December 22, 2017

The song of ‘What the…?’

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
Lost in sleep, all warm and cosy, Wishing morning to perdition, Dreaming deeply, all unconscious, Snuggled down in prime position… Wake abruptly, bedclothes flying, Primal instinct, fear obeying, Stand a moment, get my bearings, Seek the source of awful baying… There, beside the garden window Stands a vision, evil-seeming Black as night with heckles raising Growling…

Riddles of the night: Beneath a starless sky

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
After dinner in a cosy inn, warmed by good food and roaring fires, we set off for the final adventure of the day. Officially, the visit was not part of the planned weekend, but something we wanted to share with our companions. We had been granted permission by the landowners to visit the great stone circle of Arbor…

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