Had to reblog this from Sue.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Lost in sleep, all warm and cosy,
Wishing morning to perdition,
Dreaming deeply, all unconscious,
Snuggled down in prime position…
Wake abruptly, bedclothes flying,
Primal instinct, fear obeying,
Stand a moment, get my bearings,
Seek the source of awful baying…

There, beside the garden window
Stands a vision, evil-seeming
Black as night with heckles raising
Growling deep, with teeth a-gleaming.
Barking warning at the twilight,
Is it just her own reflection?
No, for I see something moving,
Kudos, small dog, for detection!

Eyes are glowing in the torchlight,
In the garden, something’s roaming,
Squint to get a better vision
In the half-light of the gloaming.
“What the..?” for a fox is watching,
Half amused at canine antics,
Just a pane of glass between them,
Fox is calm, but dog is frantic.

Five a.m. the clock is showing,
Neighbours should be deep in slumber…
Shush the small dog’s frenzied baying

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