Death in the Forest smal montageAA



There is no voice to this command

It is the scream of nature’s green

A rush of breath, a hushed intent

And distant flowers on the wind

Recall sweet Maytime’s yearning sigh

Yet far as can from Winter’s bite

The taunting laughter draws the eye



Prepared or not! the vixen’s call

It is the voice of passion’s lure

It is the dare of in-breath’s fool

And yet, its call matures the wise

When leafy eyelid opens wide

And ravages with green intent

Desire spent, no doubts deride



Passion mapped on turning leaves

Soft spins the cadence of the fall

Life at end: dark gravity’s intent

Soft garments torn to coloured shreds

Will lie, bejewelled, in muddy grave

The last of colour whispers wild

To those entranced by Summer’s kiss

Who carry forth her only child


©Copyright Stephen Tanham


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