Jordis is new to blogging. Here you can read a very spiritual and joyous story of her sister’s passing…

Jordy’s Streamings

For the past few days, I have been contemplating the tree with colored ribbons. It reminds me of a tree in the garden where my sister and I would take walks whenever we had the opportunity to be together. Contemplating those memories, the best were of our tree adorned with ornaments during the holidays at Christmas. The passersby like us would stop and add colorful ornaments that represented special moments in their lives, prayers for loved ones and for peace on Earth. Teri and I have been taking walks in this garden together for years, indeed since we were young girls.

Teri a few years older than me, more than often would want to play Isis and would ask me to play Nephthys. She was the bright star and Goddess and I would be her shadow, but like the two Heavenly sisters, we often changed roles; one became the day…

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