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Strange Goings On In The Shed

man-981619_1280 vschoenpos, Pixabay

What does an emotion ‘feel’ like? Can you run your fingers over its surface, read its mood, respond appropriately? What does it feel like against your skin? A rush of silk gliding over your inner being and teasing gently. No? Perhaps it’s rather strident and filled with razor sharp edges. Cutting spirits and fragile egos. Letting blood and salt laden tears, kin in many ways.

The textures of emotion can be varied, sometimes taking the form of nature’s bounties; emerald green leaves and calloused bark. Tactile gems infused with meaning and hidden wonders. The inner eye sees and follows the paths laid out for speculation and wonder. Do we marvel at the parade of mood and colour?

Some impulse makes us reach out and run our fingers delicately over these emotions. The tips tingle slightly at the contact with deeply buried artefacts. Being evidence of ancient lives lingering…

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