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All in a Day's Breath

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My Garden of Earthly Delights by Anne Copeland

Life is like a landscape, and it would be a boring life if it were all flat.  We can appreciate the flat because we know the hills and the valleys, just as we appreciate hot because we know cold, light because we know dark and happiness because we know depression.

Every day we can choose the colors we will paint the landscape of our lives, and we can also choose how much of the landscape we will paint.  Some may choose dull colors and stop the painting with a minimum of strokes laid down, and others may cover their landscapes with colors and texture and depth.  But in the end result, each of us paints a life landscape that is unlike anyone else’s.

Some will look at their palettes and canvases and feel they have been short-changed.  Still others look at the…

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1 Comment on “The Landscape of Life

  1. Thank you so kindly, Steve. I have been so inspired and finding myself becoming who I once was through The Silent Eye that yesterday I opened up a new blog on Mine is, and I first published the same writing, but I will be doing a lot more. Thank you one and all again so much. This study is absolutely changing my life for the positive; I am finding parts of my creative self again that have been lost for a long time, and no one’s fault but my own. So it is wonderful to look out on the world with new eyes, and the great thing is that this is just the beginning! Whoo hooo!!!

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