Day: August 2, 2018

Death of a salesman

Originally posted on Stepping Stones:
        Hello. Is that Mr Elk? We’ve all had them. The incessant sales calls, interspersed with the “Hello, I’m a hacker looking for easy access to your computer, erm, I mean, Steve from Microsoft…” type calls. Now, apart from the half-assed hacker boys who I like to hold on the line for as long as possible…

Principles of Fire (1) A faith in belief

The three Directors of the Silent Eye – Sue Vincent, Stuart France and myself – are usually the nucleus of a monthly ‘management’ meeting held at a friend’s house in Manchester. We have begun a process of reviewing the core principles of what we teach and under whose ‘guidance’ we create the four workshops held each year. I highlight the word guidance, above, because … Read More Principles of Fire (1) A faith in belief

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