#ShortWrytz : three things

Sometimes there is a kind of poetry in the arrangement of objects in a landscape, not seen, fully, before the finger presses them into personal history.

The symmetry, the visual song, is seen later, as here with ancient rocks, weathered and waiting; the out at sea lighthouse; and the distant volcanic dome, worn down into a bullet by millennia.

The arrangement is not created, but taken, like a poor child arriving in a sweet-shop and being offered three…

©Stephen Tanham, 2020.

#NightMoves : unknown quay

We had arrived late in the day, on the CalMac ferry from Ardrossan. Dinner in the hotel had seemed other-worldly, as though we and the other diners had just begun a magical adventure whose substance was to be the exploration and understanding of the island of Arran.

The rain storm thrashed the tall windows, and we looked out at the darkening, still unknown world.

After the meal and wine, we put on our most waterproof clothing – meagre, now, in the face of this Scottish August storm, and went out into the night. Brodick’s quayside curved away into the darkness, symbolic of the work we would need to do to find…

©Stephen Tanham, 2020.