As autumn gives way to winter, different aspects of nature create new opportunities for photography…

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(Above: the shores of Lake Windermere – a winter favourite to come)

Photographically, I prefer the UK Met Office’s guidance on the dates for the beginning of each season. In this convention, winter’s start is the first day of December, so this will be the last of the ‘Mellow Moods for Autumn’ series. Next week, I’ll look for that more ‘stark’ look that winter forces on us…

(Above: Still an autumnal sun; looking south towards Heysham beach)

To close the present series I’ve selected a few of the shots from this past week. We have an energetic collie dog who needs a lot of exercise. Beaches are her favourite landscape, so we’re often to be found on walks that take in a lot of sand. One of the best is the south end of Morecambe Bay, taking in the village of Heysham, then along the firm sands to Morecambe. We stop for a takeaway coffee, and drink it on a bench by the lifeboat station. Then we do the reverse walk back to the car, walking again along the sands.

(Above: a favourite subject – the Midland Hotel, a restored Art Deco masterpiece. I’m planning to do a post dedicated to this building during the winter)

It’s about a five-mile walk that only works at low tide. During this, Tess the collie gets more than enough exercise; in fact, when we get home, she usually sleeps right through to the next morning!

(Above: my favourite shot of the day. Bernie in the distance appears to be doing an ad-lib impression of the nearby Eric Morecambe statue!)

So here’s to winter; to its dark contrasts, its crisp and shiny mornings and its wonderful, dramatic skies… You have to work at bit harder at photography in winter, teasing out meaning, texture and contrast from a landscape in which the colour has been bleached.

In winter, there are more shots thrown ‘in the bin’ but the ones that make it can become lasting memories. You have to take more risks, but, in an age of unlimited ‘prints’ there’s little cost to that – other than an impatient dog!

©Stephen Tanham, 2020.

Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye, a journey through the forest of personality to the dawn of Being.

6 Comments on “Mellow moods for Autumn (9) end of season

  1. Gorgeous textures and tones, Steve. Almost makes me feel that I’m right there! Looking forward to your exploration of the Midland Hotel. Bernie looks like she’s dancing, in the midst of a pirouette!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Caroline. It was a beautiful day, and quite warm for late November. I didn’t even know Bernie was at that position in the shot – I thought I was just taking Tess and the beach… It was only when I saw it later, that the wonderful pose was revealed!


  2. I love the textures and tones of your photos, Steve! It makes me feel like I could be right there. Looking forward to your commentary on the Midland Hotel. Bernie looks like she’s pirouetting in the sand while Tess wonders if she should join in or not. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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