(Above: Hidden gold in January’s cold)

The entire one-mile promenade at Grange-over- Sands is decorated with a series of rock gardens.

(Above: in summer, a shaded rest can be a godsend)

These are looked after entirely by volunteers whose work is most active in the summer, but continues, in terms of maintenance, during the colder months, when there is little else to be seen.

But that is not always the case…

(Above: the extent of the gardens is shown in this view of the town centre of Grange in the background)

Grange town centre is a few hundred metres behind the promenade and its gardens. The railway line is closer than you would imagine!

(Above: the closeness of gardens and railway track is often a shock to visitors!)
(Above: simple and beautiful)

Each volunteer is assigned to a team which looks after a garden within the overall set. The quality of work and presentation are outstanding.

From time to time, a new section is created – often following a bequest.

(Above: glorious gold in the January Stumpery)

The Stumpery is a recent example. Designed to provide both winter and summer interest, this simple ‘hidden park’ is small oval, only some of which is designed to be seen when walking by. The interior, seen above and in the opening photo, is an example of how grasses have a continuing presence when almost all of their companions have shrunk to an herbaceous mound.

All the other photos were taken in July…

(Above: other pastimes are available for us writers)

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