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#NoirWednesday: the small house

Join in the ‘Noir’ fun in the run up to the weekend… Use the photo prompt or add one of your own. We’ve all got a dark side… kickstart it and let your imagination flow! As well as being fun it can point to things in ourselves that need more of the ‘light’ of our attention. But let’s have the fun, first… Make it … Read More #NoirWednesday: the small house

#NoirWednesday: designer protection

— I’ve changed the ‘theme’ of my WordPress blog. Let me know if you like it (or don’t!) To launch it, here’s the first of a new photo prompt series of ‘noir‘ posts for the week commencing Wednesday. Dark humour (clean, please) guest posts welcomed, any style! Use the prompt photos if you like them. Create a post on your own blog and do … Read More #NoirWednesday: designer protection

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