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Join in the ‘Noir’ fun in the run up to the weekend… Use the photo prompt or add one of your own. We’ve all got a dark side… kickstart it and let your imagination flow! As well as being fun it can point to things in ourselves that need more of the ‘light’ of our attention. But let’s have the fun, first…

Make it as dark as you like – but clean, please. Use any any style! prose or poetry or even a retaliatory image if you wish!

How to do it:

Create a post on your own blog and do a pingback to this blog. These can be unreliable so make sure you use the hashtag #NoirWednesday in your title and create an entry in the comments box below to notify me of your post. I will feature as many as I can on this blog through the week.

Here’s mine to fire things up for this week’s Weds-Saturday run. It’s a haiku. Why did the mysterious ‘little house’ suddenly appear? What was its story and why did it ‘bridge’ something important…

Something old to say

Brings tiny dwelling here

Speaking truths that bridge


©Copyright Stephen Tanham, 2016 text and image.

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