Day: August 21, 2016

#NoirWednesday roundup – ‘The Little House”

A great set of responses to our continuing ‘Noir’ theme – “Let your dark side come out to play…” #NoirWednesday Thank you to everyone who took part; and to my Silent Eye co-director, Sue Vincent, who not only did us a great post (as did Stuart) but is also gradually showing me how to do these, properly! If you’ve not seen them, why not … Read More #NoirWednesday roundup – ‘The Little House”

The Unseen Sea – 2: Kiss of the Planets

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
Part Two of The Unseen Sea: adrift in the enneagram LUCA didn’t know it back then, but her birth as the all-mother of organic life on Earth was witnessed by the entire solar system. The ‘positive’ energy behind life, a higher variant of light as we know it and relayed by the Sun, began its spiral into the…

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